Reselling on Discord: The Definitive Guide

By Dan • 9 min read

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In recent years, Discord has emerged as a popular platform for various communities, ranging from gaming and entertainment to business and education. With its easy-to-use interface, extensive features, and customizable servers, Discord has become an ideal choice for people looking to connect, collaborate, and share their interests.

Reselling has been a growing trend on Discord, opening up new opportunities for users to buy and sell items and services while discovering access to exclusive content.

Reselling on Discord

Reselling refers to the practice of purchasing items, services, or access to content with the intent to sell them to others, often at a higher price. In the context of Discord, reselling typically involves fashion, collectibles, and sneaker reselling communities, or users buying and selling digital goods. This creates a thriving marketplace where buyers can find unique items or services, while sellers can profit from their investments.

The benefits of reselling on Discord are numerous for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, reselling communities offer access to rare or exclusive information including early access to information or resell predictions, as well as items that may not be available elsewhere, often at competitive prices. For sellers, reselling on Discord provides a platform to reach a large, engaged audience, enabling them to capitalize on their investments and generate income.

Reseller Discord servers play a crucial role in connecting buyers and sellers, acting as a hub for transactions and communication. These servers often feature dedicated channels for different types of items or services, as well as channels for feedback, support, and general discussion. This fosters a sense of community and trust among users, which is essential for successful reselling.

LaunchPass: Monetizing Discord Communities

Enter LaunchPass, a platform designed to help creators monetize their Discord communities by offering paid access to their servers. With LaunchPass, creators can set up subscription plans, manage payments, and provide exclusive content to their paying members, all within the familiar environment of Discord.


The benefits of using LaunchPass for creators and community members are many. For creators, LaunchPass provides a simple and effective way to generate revenue from their Discord communities, allowing them to invest more time and resources into creating valuable content and experiences for their members. For community members, LaunchPass ensures a secure and seamless payment process, while granting them access to exclusive content and perks that enhance their experience.

How LaunchPass Supports Reselling on Discord

LaunchPass offers several advantages for reselling communities on Discord. By providing a platform for creators to monetize their servers, LaunchPass enables resellers to offer exclusive access to their marketplace, creating a sense of exclusivity and value for their members. This can help attract more users and drive sales, ultimately resulting in higher profits for the reseller.

In addition to facilitating monetization, LaunchPass provides a suite of features that support reselling on Discord. These features include:

  • Automated Access Management: LaunchPass automatically manages access to the Discord server based on users’ subscription status, roles, and more, ensuring that only paying members can access the exclusive content and channels.
  • Flexible Subscription Plans: LaunchPass allows creators to set up multiple subscription plans with different pricing tiers, enabling resellers to offer various levels of access and perks to their members.
  • Secure Payments: LaunchPass integrates with Stripe, a leading payment processor, to provide a secure and reliable payment experience for community members.
  • Analytics and Reporting: LaunchPass offers in-depth analytics and reporting tools, helping resellers track their revenue, subscriber growth, and other key metrics to make informed decisions about their business.

By leveraging these features, reselling communities on Discord can create a professional and well-organized marketplace that appeals to both buyers and sellers.

Tips for Success in Reselling on Discord with LaunchPass

Creating a successful reselling community on Discord using LaunchPass requires a blend of strategic planning, ongoing engagement, and continuous optimization. Here’s a more detailed look at six key tips for success, complete with examples and actionable advice.

Define Your Niche

Focus on a specific niche, such as gaming, sneakers, software, or digital art, to attract a targeted audience and establish yourself as an expert in the field. It’s essential to choose an area that resonates with your interests, expertise, and market demand. Here are some examples:

  • Gaming: You could focus on reselling in-game items, skins, accounts, or gaming accessories. If you have expertise in a popular game, such as Fortnite, you can offer rare skins or advanced player accounts for sale.
  • Sneakers: If you’re passionate about sneakers, you could create a community dedicated to buying and selling limited-edition sneakers. You can provide information on upcoming releases and tips on how to snag a pair, offer group buys, monitors, and more.
  • Digital Art: With the rise of NFTs, digital art has become a lucrative niche. You can create a platform for artists and collectors to buy and sell digital artworks.

Create Valuable Content

Offer valuable content and services to your members, such as exclusive deals, group buys, expert advice, or curated resources, to keep them engaged and encourage them to recommend your community to others. Value is what keeps your subscribers engaged and willing to pay for access to your reselling community on Discord. Here are some ideas for valuable content that we’ve seen work:

  • Exclusive Deals: Negotiate deals with manufacturers or suppliers that you can offer exclusively to your members. For instance, if you’re in the sneaker niche, you could work with a supplier to secure a limited quantity of a sought-after release.
  • Group Buys: Organize group purchases to secure bulk discount rates, passing the savings on to your members. This is particularly popular in the tech and software niche, where members can pool together to buy software licenses or hardware at a discount.
  • Expert Advice: Share your insights and expertise. This could be a weekly market analysis, price prediction, or buying advice. If your niche is digital art, you could share trends in the NFT market, spotlight emerging artists, or provide advice on what to invest in.

Promote Your Community

Promoting your reselling community is critical to growth and success. Use social media, forums, and other online platforms to promote your reselling community and attract new members:

  • Social Media: Share your community and its benefits and news on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok. For example, you could post sneak peeks of upcoming exclusive deals, member testimonials, or success stories.
  • Collaborations: Team up with influencers or similar communities. An influencer could shout out your community in a video, or you could organize a joint event with another Discord server.
  • Content Marketing: Write blog posts about topics related to your niche and share them on platforms like Medium or LinkedIn. This helps to establish your community as a thought leader and attract like-minded individuals.

Maintain a Positive Environment

A friendly and supportive environment in your community allows you to offer your members the best experience and encourage community loyalty. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Define Clear Rules: Define rules regarding behavior, spam, transactions and more, and enforce them consistently. This helps to prevent scams, conflicts, and other issues that could harm the community.
  • Active Moderation: Recruit a team of trusted moderators to help enforce the rules and manage the community. Moderators can help resolve disputes, remove inappropriate content, and guide discussions in a positive direction while maintaining community etiquette.
  • Community Building: Organize regular events, like game nights or AMA sessions with experts, to keep members engaged and foster a sense of community.

Provide Excellent Customer Support

Customer and community support are important to building trust and ensuring that your members have a positive experience. At LaunchPass, our support team is available to help your community members 24/7, but we also recommend that you consider the following:

  • Dedicated Support Channel: Create a Discord channel where members can ask questions or report issues. This provides a single, easy-to-access point of contact for member support.
  • Quick Response Time: Aim to respond to all questions or concerns as quickly as possible and as a general rule, within 24 hours. This helps to reassure members that their issues are being taken seriously and are handled in a timely manner.
  • Transparent Communication: If there’s an issue that affects the whole community (such as a delayed group buy), proactively communicate about the issue, explain what happened, and outline steps you’re taking to resolve it.

Optimize Your Subscription Plans

Regularly review and adjust your subscription plans based on user feedback and market trends to ensure that your pricing is competitive and your offerings are in line with your members’ needs. Here are some tips:

  • Tiered Subscriptions: Offer different levels of subscriptions to accommodate different budgets and needs. For example, a basic plan could offer access to general discussions and resources, while a premium plan could offer early access to deals, one-on-one consultations, or exclusive resources.
  • Regular Reviews: Regularly review your subscription plans to ensure they are aligned with your community’s needs and trends in the market. Sending a member survey or poll to gather feedback can help you keep a pulse on this and adjust as needed.
  • Competitive Pricing: Keep an eye on what similar communities are offering and how much they’re charging. This will help you ensure your prices are competitive and your offerings are appealing.

Reselling on Discord offers a unique opportunity for users to buy and sell items and services, and access exclusive content in a convenient and engaging platform. With LaunchPass, creators can monetize their reselling communities, providing a professional and organized marketplace benefiting both buyers and sellers. By leveraging the features and best practices, you can create a successful reselling community on Discord and tap into the potential of this rapidly growing platform.

Explore LaunchPass today and discover how it can help you monetize your Discord community and unlock new opportunities for success.

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