How To Use Discord Polls

By Dan • 7 min read

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Discord Polls are here

Discord has finally rolled out the highly anticipated ‘Polls’ feature. This feature has been one of the most requested additions since Discord’s inception. Now, users can create polls directly within Discord through an integrated modal rather than relying on third-party Discord poll bots.

Discord Polls was released to all Discord servers in April 2024, and a permission called “Create Polls” was added to manage who can start polls. 

In this guide, we’ll dive deep into what this feature entails, how you can make the most of it, and why it’s beneficial, especially for paid Discord communities.

What is the Discord Polls Feature?

As the name suggests, the polls feature allows you to create polls without relying on external bots. The Discord community has seen significant demand for a native poll feature. Before this update, many third-party Discord bot developers provided poll functionalities, but they required inviting a bot to your server. 

On March 21, 2024, Discord introduced integrated polls. The native functionality now makes it much easier to start creating and using poll in your Discord server. This feature is available on all servers, so if you can’t see it, make sure your app is up to date.

Why Create Polls on Discord?

Creating polls on Discord can be extremely beneficial, particularly for owners of paid Discord communities. Here are some key reasons and use cases:

1. Community Engagement

Polls are an excellent way to engage your community. By asking for opinions, preferences, or feedback, you can make your members feel valued and heard. This engagement fosters a stronger sense of community and belonging.

2. Gathering Feedback

Polls provide a quick and easy way to gather feedback on various aspects of your community, such as content, events, or new features. For instance, you can ask your members what type of content they want to see more of or get their thoughts on recent changes.

3. Decision Making

For paid communities, making decisions that reflect the desires of your members can be crucial. Polls can help you make informed decisions by providing direct insights from your community. Whether it’s choosing a topic for the next webinar or deciding on the timing of an event, polls can guide your decisions.

4. Content Planning

Understanding what your community prefers can help you plan your content better. Polls can indicate which topics resonate the most with your audience, allowing you to tailor your content to their interests, thereby increasing satisfaction and retention.

5. Event Management

Polls can be used to manage and plan events more effectively. You can poll your members about the best times for events, preferred formats (like Q&As or workshops), and even specific topics they’re interested in. This ensures higher participation and engagement during the events.

6. Enhancing User Experience

By regularly polling your members, you can continuously improve the user experience. Understanding their needs and preferences helps you create a more personalized and satisfying environment, making your community more appealing to both current and potential members.

As a server admin, you also have the option to enable members of your community to be able to create polls should you choose to do so. Here’s how:

At the Server Level

  1. Head to Server Settings and select Roles
  2. Select the Role for which you want to enable poll creation
  3. Go into Permissions and toggle on “Create Polls”
  4. Save your changes

At the Channel Level

  1. Head to your Channel settings by clicking the gear icon
  2. Head to the Permissions tab
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and select the green arrow beside “Create Polls”
  4. Save your changes

It might get a bit noisy if all your community members can create polls, so use your discretion. If you’re just introducing Discord polls into your server, you may want to start by restricting permissions to yourself, community admins, or trusted members before opening them up.


How Can I Create a Poll on Discord?

Creating a poll on Discord is straightforward. If your server has the polls feature enabled, you can access it through the message attachment section.

Creating Polls on Desktop

  • Click the attachment button (plus icon) in your message box.
  • Select the Create Poll option. If you don’t see it, ensure you have the Create Polls permission and that your app is updated.

  • In the Create Poll window, enter a question and up to ten answers. You can add emojis to the answers by clicking the emoji icon or remove them by clicking the trash icon.

  • Set the duration of the poll: 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, or 1 week. Decide if multiple answers are allowed.
  • Click the Post button to publish your poll.

Creating Polls on Mobile

Using Discord polls on mobile is more or less the same as the desktop experience. 

  • In a channel, press the attachment button (plus icon) next to your message box.
  • Select the polls button in the attachment section to open the Create Poll window.

  • Enter your question and answers (up to ten). Choose the poll duration and whether multiple answers are allowed.

  • Press the Post text at the top right of your screen to publish your poll.

How Do I Vote Using Discord Polls?

Voting on polls is simple – you just click on answers within the poll itself. Depending on the poll settings, you can select single or multiple answers, change your vote, and view results without voting.

Voting in Polls on Desktop

  1. Click an answer to mark it.
  2. Click the Vote button to submit your vote. After voting, the Show results and Vote buttons will be replaced by a Remove Vote button, allowing you to change your vote if you need to.

Voting in Polls on Mobile

  1. Press an answer to mark it.
  2. Press the Vote button to submit your vote. To change your vote, click the Remove Vote button, select another answer, and click Vote.

Common Discord Polls Questions

Can anyone create a Discord poll?

Anyone with the Create Polls permission can create a poll.

Where can I make a poll?

You can create polls in any channel on a server that has the feature enabled.

How do I delete a poll in Discord?

Polls can be deleted like regular messages. On desktop, right-click and select Delete Message. On mobile, press and hold the message and select Delete Message.

Can I change my poll answer?

Yes, you can change your vote by clicking the Remove Vote button.

Can I select multiple answers?

Yes, if the poll creator allows multiple answers.

Can I see the current results without voting?

Yes, the Show Results button displays current results without requiring a vote.

When will my server get the Polls feature?

The feature is fully rolled out. If you don’t have access to it, update the Discord app.

Can I send polls via slash commands?

No, polls can only be created through the attachment menu.

Can I cast my votes anonymously?

No, votes are not anonymous. Everyone can see which answer you picked.

Can I edit a poll after posting it?

No, but you can delete and create a new one.

Can I end a poll early?

Yes, by right-clicking (or pressing and holding on mobile) and selecting End Poll Now.

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