Telegram Features: Getting Started with Secret Chats

By Dan L • 5 min read

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Introduction to Secret Chats on Telegram

Launched in 2013, Telegram has rapidly grown into the fourth-most widely used communication platform globally. It is well-regarded for its high level of security, providing end-to-end encryption for voice calls and “Secret Chats.” With its expanding user base and versatile features, Telegram has become a popular tool for entrepreneurs seeking secure and efficient communication solutions.

Follow this guide to learn how Telegram can help you keep your communications secure with Secret Chats!

Secret Chats Allow Secure Communication

Standard Telegram messages are encrypted during transmission between your device (cell phone for example) and Telegram’s servers. However, Telegram decrypts them on their servers before being re-encrypted for transmission. On the other hand, Secret Chats ensure more privacy — Telegram encrypts them “end-to-end”, meaning only the sender and receiver can read the messages.

Unique Secret Chat Features

Secret Chats are device-specific. Unlike regular chats that sync across all user devices, they cannot be accessed from multiple devices. This enhances security, as messages can only be read on the device that initiated or accepted the Secret Chat.

Secret Chats also offer options such as self-destructing messagesThe timer can be set for anything from a few seconds to a week, ensuring that sensitive information doesn’t last longer than necessary.

Another feature of Secret Chats is screenshot notifications. If a participant attempts to take a screenshot of the Secret Chat, Telegram will try to notify the other party. This acts as a deterrent against unauthorized sharing of information and adds an additional layer of security to your conversations.

How to Create a Telegram Secret Chat

Follow these steps to use Telegram’s Secret Chat feature:

  1. Open Telegram: Launch the Telegram app on your device.
  2. Select a Contact: Tap on the pencil icon located in the upper-right corner on iOS/mobile, or the upper-left “sandwich menu” on a PC. Choose ‘New Secret Chat’. Then, select the contact you wish to start a Secret Chat with.
  3. Set the Timer: Once in the Secret Chat, tap on the timer icon. This will allow you to set the self-destruct timer. After this duration, Telegram will delete the messages from both devices. This duration can range from a few seconds to a week.
  4. Initiate Secret Chat: After selecting the contact, Telegram will create a new Secret Chat with that person. This chat will be end-to-end encrypted, ensuring that only you and the recipient can read the messages

Advanced Security Technique: Verifying Encryption Keys in Secret Chats

For those with heightened security needs, Telegram offers the ability to verify encryption keys in Secret Chats. This advanced technique is particularly useful if you have significant concerns about the privacy of your communications. Here’s how to ensure your Secret Chats are secure:

  1. Access the Encryption Key: In the Secret Chat, tap on the three dots on the upper-right hand corner of the Secret Chat, click “info”, and then look for “encryption key”. You will see the encryption key, which is a unique pattern of colored squares.
  2. Arrange a Verification Method: The most secure way to compare keys is to do so in person. If that’s not feasible, use a trusted, secondary communication method to share and compare the key visuals.
  3. Compare the Keys: Carefully ensure that the visual pattern of the encryption key matches exactly on both you and your contact’s devices.
  4. Confirm Verification: If both patterns are identical, you can be confident that the chat is secure. If there are discrepancies, do not proceed with the chat and consider the possibility of a security issue.
Telegram encryption key

Remember, Secret Chats are device-specific. If you start a Secret Chat on your phone, you won’t see it on your desktop Telegram application or another phone.

Welcome to Telegram Secret Chats! By using these features, you can be confident in the privacy of your communications. Whether you are dealing with proprietary information or sharing sensitive personal data, Secret Chats can give you privacy you need!

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