New Year, New LaunchPass: Celebrating 2023 & What’s Coming In 2024

By Dan • 6 min read

NY Year in Review

2023 marks the end of our seventh (and best ever) year!

From our humble beginnings in 2016 as a bootstrapped startup in Arizona with no venture capital to this day, we’ve single-handedly pioneered new digital frontiers in pay-to-access chat communities, and it’s all thanks to you – our amazing community.

As entrepreneurs and creators ourselves, we’ve built this business with our own money and hard work, and we’re committed to our mission of helping you build yours.

Here’s what we achieved together over 2023, and what’s coming in 2024.

Celebrating 2023

LaunchPass became an integral part of thousands of communities earning millions of dollars in revenue, with some earning more than $2 million in monthly recurring revenue!

Our team has been working tirelessly, pulling countless late nights and 15+ hour days, seven days a week, to ensure our communities have a prosperous year. In 2023 alone our team grew by over 67% and collectively logged over 100,000 hours to achieve 99.99% application uptime, deliver innovative new features, and help new communities launch and thrive.

Product Milestones

We’ve been busy this year, launching features that empower you and your community:

Discord OAuth: We’ve overhauled our onboarding process for community members, sunsetting activation codes and replacing them with Discord OAuth for seamless one-click onboarding.

Enhanced Checkout Widget: Our checkout widget got a complete makeover, ensuring smoother transactions for your members.


Apple Pay and Google Pay: We’ve added even more payment options to help streamline payments and make our high-converting checkout pages even more seamless.


Rewardful & Refersion: We’ve made Affiliate Marketing easy. Turning your supporters into powerful ambassadors is now a breeze.


Customer Portal: A new, streamlined way for your members to self-manage their subscriptions easily, from updating billing information to viewing subscription details and beyond.


What’s Rolling Out Now

As we speak, we’re rolling out features that are set to take your community experience to the next level.

Member List: Our member list feature will provide deep insights and greater control in your membership, helping you nurture a more engaged community. Rolling out Q1 2024.


Crypto: We’re set to roll out support for hundreds of cryptocurrencies with multiple wallet options in Q1 2024. Want it now? Get in touch and get access in beta.


Telegram: The ability to connect and grow your community on Telegram is coming in Q1 2024. Sell access to multiple Telegram channels and supergroups!


WordPress Templates & Plugin: You’ll soon be able to customize and launch your very own WordPress website with a few clicks!

Already have a website? Our plugin will make it super simple to gate content on your own website, using your own domain.



Looking Forward: 2024 Roadmap

The horizon for 2024 is bright with these innovative features on our roadmap:

PayPal Integration
Yes, it’s finally happening! PayPal will be coming to LaunchPass in 2024!

Next Generation Checkout Pages
Tailor your checkout experience like never before with a brand new editor and more customization options like multiple images, videos, mark-down, and complete control over page content.

In-Product Analytics Dashboard
All of your community data, in one convenient place right. Get all the critical data you care about easily, from new subscribers to churn, revenue to ad campaign performance and beyond.

Customer Portal V2
Keep more customers, win back those who are leaving, bring in new ones, and increase your overall earnings. Get ready to boost your business!

New Admin Dashboard
Managing your community is about to get a whole lot easier.

As we step into a new year, our commitment to you and your community only grows stronger. We’re not just building a product; we’re crafting a platform where communities and their customers thrive like never before.

Join us in making 2024 a year of unprecedented community growth and success. Together, we’re not just thriving; we’re setting new benchmarks in the digital community space.

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