LaunchPass Round-Up: March 2023

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LaunchPass Round Up March 2023 cover

GPT-4 released

ChatGPT is once again making headlines (and lives easier) with this month’s release of GPT-4. This version can solve more difficult problems and has better reasoning capabilities, and is available to premium users. There are some very interesting business use cases, and the LaunchPass team is working with users to harness its power to automate, build, and scale their paid communities.

Midjourney pauses free trials

Yep, more about AI! According to The Verge, Midjourney — a wildly popular AI image generator — has stopped free trials for its services, citing “extraordinary demand and trial abuse”. The pause to free trials comes after deepfake images generated through Midjourney have gone viral, including images of Trump getting arrested.

Tech sector shocked by SVB collapse

The sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank — which served primarily tech start-ups and venture capitalists — sent shockwaves through the tech industry earlier this month. With raising capital already a struggle given the recent economic climate, the collapse leaves a gaping hole for the tech industry which had relied on it to provide services to fast-growing ventures, according to the Washington Post. It is the second-largest bank failure in U.S. history.

A new LaunchPass release is right around the corner

We’ve been working hard on some huge updates to the LaunchPass platform and are super close to our next release. We’re keeping tight-lipped about it for now, but we’re offering demos and sneak peeks to those who are interested (and maybe even early access to some of our newest features in beta). Want to see what’s coming? Book a demo call today.

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