Covid Challenges, Growth, and a Special Discount

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Covid Challenges Growth and a Special Discount

Although we’ve been quiet during the past six months, we have been extremely busy; tirelessly improving the LaunchPass platform, doubling our team, and helping launch profitable Discord and Slack groups every day.

Six months ago I was about to write this update…

At the time, I must have received a hundred different Covid related emails from online services. I read the first few, and realized they were all the same and decided to hold off until the proverbial “dust settled”. Well, here we are still waiting for the world to return to normal with little idea of when that will happen.

Everyone has their own reason for starting a company. For some, it’s about money, for others because they have a mission, and still, for others the work finds them. For me, it was always about freedom. The freedom to design my days, and to travel and work from anywhere in the world. My previous updates were from Panama, Thailand, and countless other interesting locations in-between.

For over six months, our lives have been frustratingly confined to virtual spaces. Travel has been replaced by phone calls, emails, and increasingly via Discord and Slack chats. During this period, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about your ideas and plans to start something new. Clearly, adversity has a way of accelerating trends, and we are seeing this happen in real-time.

As challenging as this period has been, it’s enabled many to finally launch that idea that had been on the back-burner for so long. As the world moves further into online communities, the concept of high value, pay-to-access chat groups have flourished.

As the saying goes “constraints drive innovation”. I believe we will look back on this period as a time of immense opportunity.

To show our appreciation to all of you for sharing your dreams, crazy ideas, and incredible launches, we’d like to offer LaunchPass for no monthly fee for non-profits and Covid focused communities.

Stay safe, and looking forward to a world post-Covid, where we can grab a coffee in a lively spot somewhere out in the world ?✈️

As always, we read every email and are looking forward to helping make your next launch an awesome success!

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