How to Add Bots to A Discord Server

By Seth Lesky • 11 min read

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Discord, famed for its dynamic discord channels, offers endless possibilities when enhanced with bots. From monetization to member management, bots are invaluable. Moreover, as the servers on Discord continue to evolve, bots play an increasingly pivotal role in streamlining operations and improving user experience. Harnessing their potential can lead to a more enriched and interactive server environment.

This guide explains how to add bots in Discord on both desktop and mobile platforms.

Adding Bots: Desktop Method


Start by opening your preferred web browser and heading to the official Discord app website. Here, you’ll be prompted to log into your account. Once inside, you’ll have a view of your dashboard — a central hub for all your servers on Discord. Skim through your list of servers and select the one you want to integrate with a bot in Discord. This initial choice will pave the way for the next steps.

Setting the Ground Rules:

Once your desired server is selected, your next stop is the ‘Server Settings.’ This section is designed to give you control over a myriad of features and settings pivotal to the seamless functioning of your server.

Dive into the ‘Roles’ subsection. Here, you will find a range of permissions that can be toggled on or off based on your editing role. Among these is the ‘Manage Server’ permission. Activating this permission is a prerequisite to adding bots, so ensure it’s toggled on. However, a word of caution: this permission can lead to potential misuse if granted recklessly. Be judicious and only allow trusted individuals or roles to have this permission. It’s all about striking a balance to maintain the integrity of your servers on Discord.

Bot Selection and Integration:

The web is rife with platforms dedicated to Discord bots, and is among the front-runners. On, bots spanning various functionalities and specialties are up for grabs. Explore based on your needs, read reviews, and once you’ve zeroed in on a bot that aligns with your server’s vision, it’s time to make the move.

Click or tap the “Invite” button linked to your chosen bot. This action leads you to a fresh page where you’ll be prompted to select a server (yes, you’ll see all your servers here). Opt for the server you initially chose and proceed. But wait, before you hit ‘Authorize,’ do take a moment to review the permissions the bot asks for.

Understanding these is crucial to ensure that the bot operates within your comfortable boundaries.

Side Note: GitHub and the World of Bots

It’s noteworthy that the internet’s vast expanse hosts many bots outside the confines of platforms like GitHub, a hub for developers, is home to several of these. Each bot on GitHub usually has its unique instructions set encapsulated in its Wiki or README file. While this guide doesn’t dive into the GitHub-specific intricacies, it’s always recommended to glance through these Wikis should you opt for a GitHub-hosted bot in Discord.

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Source: Freepik

Adding Bots: Mobile Method (Android & iOS)

Managing your Discord on the move is not just a luxury but a necessity. With mobile devices being the primary access point for many users, understanding how to enhance your server from your smartphone is crucial. Here’s the mobile method of adding bots to your Discord server.

Begin with Bot Listing:

Mobile users have many options. Platforms like not only host an extensive list of bots but also provide user reviews and ratings, giving you an insight into the bot’s functionality and popularity. Browse through the collection, and once you’ve found your desired bot, simply tap the ‘Invite’ button. If you’re not already logged into Discord on your device, the subsequent page will prompt you to do so.

Bot Authorization:

After the login, the bot authorization page will emerge. Here, you can gain insights into the permissions and roles the bot will acquire on your server. It’s always a wise idea to review these permissions meticulously to ensure the bot doesn’t overstep its boundaries. Select your server from the dropdown, grant the necessary permissions, and finalize your choices by pressing ‘Authorize.’

User Experience Redefined:

Including bots on mobile devices is a testament to Discord’s commitment to providing a seamless experience across all platforms. Bots not only bring entertainment to your server but also equip it with tools for moderation, announcements, and interactive games. The ease of adding them, even from a mobile interface, ensures that server admins can enhance their communities on the go without the need for a desktop setup.

When correctly integrated, bots redefine your server experience, whether entertainment or efficient management.

Bots: The Monetization Catalyst for Discord

Although Discord is conventionally viewed as a communication platform, the reality encompasses paid communities and sophisticated monetization avenues. Bots are the linchpin in these endeavors, simplifying subscription models and facilitating streamlined revenue collection.

Learn more about Discord monetization here.

Bots and Reselling:

Reselling on Discord is witnessing rapid momentum. Here, bots emerge as pivotal allies, offering real-time market data, spotlighting exclusive deals, and more. Understand bots’ profound impact in the Discord reselling landscape in this guide.

Payment Bots: Your Revenue Accelerators on Discord

Transform your server into a revenue magnet with Discord payment bots. Oversee transactions, manage subscriptions, and tap into potential affiliate channels. Delve deeper into how these bots can catalyze your revenue streams with this detailed analysis.

Driving Discord Growth

Bots are potent tools for member growth. They streamline member acquisition, craft captivating onboarding experiences, and ensure consistent member engagement. Look into our insights for strategies for accelerating Discord member growth with bots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I integrate multiple bots on one server?

Absolutely! Tailor your server with multiple bots, but ensure their effective management.

Which method is safer for adding bots, desktop or mobile?

When followed correctly, both methods offer a secure way to integrate bots. Always source bots from trusted platforms.

Are all Discord bots free?

A: Many bots are free, but premium bots with advanced features may come at a cost.

Can I switch a bot from one server to another?

Bots are not “switched,” but you can invite the same bot to multiple servers or remove it from one and add it to another.

Conclusion: The Future is Bot-Enhanced

Servers on Discord are not just communication platforms but powerful tools for community building and engagement. With the right bots, your servers can metamorphose from chat hubs to engaging, functional, and profitable communities. It’s imperative to master how you add bots in Discord to optimize and harness their full range of functionalities.

Moreover, as the integration of bots becomes an industry standard, being adept in their implementation will position your server at the forefront of this evolution, ensuring longevity and continued user engagement.

To truly harness the potential of Discord, consider exploring advanced strategies for community building and monetization, as discussed in the comprehensive guides over at LaunchPass. The future of Discord isn’t just about conversation — it’s about optimizing, enhancing, and capitalizing on every interaction.

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