Announcing two new teams: Customer Growth & Success and LaunchPass Configuration Pros!

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Announcing two new teams Customer Growth Success and LaunchPass Configuration Pros

It’s been a fantastic start to what’s bound to be an incredible year! We’ve seen some awesome new communities launched on LaunchPass in the first quarter of 2022, as well as major growth in many of our existing groups.

Thanks to all of the new launches and continued growth of our community, we’re excited to announce we have scaled up our teams to better support you and your subscribers.

Along with 24/7 customer support, LaunchPass users will now have access to two brand new, hyper-focused teams:

  1. Customer Success & Growth
  2. LaunchPass Configuration Pros

The experts on these teams have helped launch thousands of profitable Discord and Slack communities.

Here’s a bit more information about how these teams can help you (and how you can schedule a call with them).

Customer Success & Growth Team

Our Customer Success & Growth Team is focused on helping you build and grow a profitable paid community, and learn more about the LaunchPass platform. In particular, we can help you with:

  • Advice on what we’ve seen work while growing some of the world’s most profitable Discord and Slack groups
  • What pitfalls and mistakes to avoid
  • The pros and cons of different platforms
  • Tips and best practices for scaling your community
  • How to get the most out of LaunchPass

Our Growth & Success experts are ready to help you out. Just click below to schedule a call.

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LaunchPass Configuration Pros Team

>Looking for help configuring your Discord or Slack with LaunchPass? Whether you need help with something specific, or you just want to make sure your server is correctly configured and ready to go for a big launch, we’ve got you covered. Here are some areas our team can help you out with:

  • Discord roles and permissions
  • Channels and settings
  • Setting up categories, server organization, and more

Our team of Discord and Slack experts is ready to help! Book a call with us below.

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We’re excited to continue to improve our community support and help our customers build and scale profitable paid communities. If you’re not a LaunchPass user yet and want to check it out, start your free trial today!

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