Using Discord Stage Channels with LaunchPass

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Using Discord Stage Channels with LaunchPass

Discord Stage Channels are a new feature being rolled out by Discord that we’re very excited about. We’re going to walk you through what they are, how they’re used, and how you can take advantage of them with LaunchPass.

What are Discord Stage Channels?

Stage Channels are unique, audio-only channels you can create on your server. Like the name suggests, Stage Channels in Discord allow you to set up a virtual “stage” — allowing only one or a handful of people to speak while the rest of your channel members listen. They allow you to assign different functions to channel members, including Moderators, Speakers, and general listeners.

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They’re kind of like having Clubhouse within your Discord server.

What are they used for?

While Stage Channels are a feature that is still being rolled out, Discord claims that they’ve seen it used by its community for a variety of things, from AMAs and Fireside Chats, to Townhalls and reading groups.

In other words — they are the best way to host, organize and execute audio events where you need to focus on particular speakers and limit audience input.

How To Use Discord Stage Channels In LaunchPass

Stage Channels allow paid Discord servers on LaunchPass to add more value and another layer of interest for their communities. Here are some ways you can take advantage of them with LaunchPass.

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1. Charge for access

LaunchPass lets you charge for access to Stage Channels. If you already have a paid Discord server, you can use Stage Channels as a perk that is available only to paying members. You can set this up by adjusting role permissions so that only your paying subscribers have access.

2. Tier your offer

Since you can create multi-tier subscriptions in LaunchPass, you can offer access to Stage Channels as a part of a higher level subscription — for example, as part of the Platinum package if you have Silver, Gold and Platinum subscriptions.

You can also tier on a more granular level, providing subscription options that allow members to be Speakers, versus other options that only allow them to be passive listeners.

3. Run Paid Events

Engagement and adding value should always be top-of-mind for community owners. With Stage Channels, you have an additional opportunity to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Whether you want to run a one-time pay-to-access event, or you want to create a series of members-only content, Stage Channels give you the opportunity to drive additional revenue while also providing value to your community.

While Stage Channels are still new, we’re excited to see the inventive ways they’ll be used with LaunchPass and the Discord community at large. If you need some support making the most of Stage Channels, drop us a note — we’re happy to help!

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