Using Discord Scheduled Events with LaunchPass

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Using Discord Scheduled Events with LaunchPass

The team at Discord has been busy lately, rolling out a number of useful new features. One of these features — though at this still limited to a small number of servers — is Scheduled Events.

We’re going to give you a quick walkthrough of what they are, how they are used, and how you can use them to boost your paid Discord community with LaunchPass.

What are Discord Scheduled Events?

As the name suggests, Scheduled Events let you schedule particular events on your server in advance. This lets you announce to your community when an event is happening, what it is, and when you’ll go live.

Members are able to show they want to attend by clicking an “Interested” button, and will be notified when you go live.

Using Discord Scheduled Events with LaunchPass 1

This feature is available on Stage Channels and other types of channels (voice, text) on your server.

How To Use Discord Scheduled Events In LaunchPass

Scheduled Events are great because they give you time to generate interest among your community, automate go-live notifications, and add value for interested members of your server.

Here are some ways you can take advantage of Scheduled Events with LaunchPass.

1. Charge for access

With LaunchPass, you can charge for access to Scheduled Events by offering them exclusively in particular channels requiring certain roles. One way you can do this is by creating a channel used exclusively for events (if you want to run multiple, recurring events), or provide one-time access to a single event within an existing channel.

Charge for access

2. Tier your offer

If you want to provide different subscription tiers, you can offer access to Scheduled Events as part of a premium package.

3. Run Paid Events

Keep your community engaged with value-add events that add an additional layer of interest. Depending on the type of community you manage, you can offer exclusive perks like group buy events for cook groups, special guests for podcasts, AMAs, webinars or coaching, and much more!

Run Paid Events

Keep an eye out for the broader rollout of Scheduled Events on Discord. While still fairly new, this will be a great feature that communities can take advantage of once it’s opened to all Discord servers. If you need some support working through Scheduled Events, feel free to drop us a note in our chat — we’re happy to help!

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