LaunchPass Round-Up: February 2023

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LaunchPass Round Up February 2023 cover

Discord Stage channels add video, screen sharing, text chat support

Discord added video, screen sharing, and text chat support to Stage Channels this month. This move allows community owners to host more exciting community events, share compelling content, and better engage audiences. Check out Discord’s announcement for more details.

Traffic Think Tank acquired by SEMRush

Traffic Think Tank — an early LaunchPass customer that used the platform to launch its expert marketing community on Slack — has been acquired by SEMRush. We’re proud to have helped TTT along its journey and are super excited to see what lies ahead for them! Learn more about Traffic Think Tank, SEMRush, and the acquisition here.

Twitter lays off more of its workforce

Twitter’s problems continue to pile up, with the company reportedly cutting an additional 10 percent of its workforce in late February. Product engineers, data scientists, and engineers working on machine learning were all hit, according to a New York Times report.

A new LaunchPass release is coming soon!

Our team has been working hard on improving our platform to continue to offer the best solution for launching and scaling paid Discord and Slack communities. We’ve got some HUGE updates coming just around the corner. We don’t want to spill the beans just yet, but we’re offering a sneak peek into new features and functionality. If you’re interested, connect with us to get a demo of what’s coming.

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