Creating Passive Income With Paid Chat Communities [VIDEO]

By Seth Lesky • 4 min read

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If you’re a content creator, an expert in your field, or even an enthusiast with a loyal following, you might be missing out on a significant passive income source. The key? Setting up a monetized chat community through platforms like LaunchPass, which can convert your Discord or Slack servers into paid-access communities within minutes.

What is LaunchPass?

LaunchPass is an innovative platform enabling you to turn any ordinary Discord or Slack server into a pay-to-access community. The setup is incredibly simple: connect your server to LaunchPass, establish your permissions, and your community is ready to welcome paying members.

It comes equipped with sophisticated analytics and tools, allowing you to manage your server effectively and glean deeper insights into your community members.

But the question arises, who should be using LaunchPass? And what kind of servers are already flourishing on this platform?

What Communities Use LaunchPass?

The most popular types of communities on LaunchPass include finance, crypto, and sports. The proposition is simple: members make an investment in the form of a membership fee and receive valuable insights, exclusive content, and other perks and benefits in return.

Potential for New Communities

Those mentioned above aren’t the only sectors that can thrive on LaunchPass, and many other types of communities are already seeing tons of success. There is a lot of untapped potential for many other niches.

The concept of value in paid communities is essential. It’s the cornerstone for thriving communities, which need to offer tangible value to their members. So, what kind of value can you provide?

Contrary to popular belief, the value does not necessarily have to be strictly financial gain, like in the domains of finance, crypto, and sports. It can be anything from education, entertainment, convenience, to self-improvement. Here are a few examples:

Competitive Gaming

There’s an enormous space for competitive gaming communities. Whether it’s League of Legends, any competitive shooter, the newly released Diablo 4, or games like Pokemon and Magic the Gathering, all these games have competitive scenes and a market for coaching. If you’re a top player and can create engaging content or offer classes to help members improve, LaunchPass is the perfect platform for you.

Social Media Expertise

With social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube creating new jobs every day, there’s a lot of potential for communities centered around these platforms. If you have an in-depth knowledge of these platforms and can provide proven growth strategies, your server could be the next big hit on LaunchPass.

Content Creators

Content creators with dedicated communities can significantly benefit from LaunchPass. By setting realistic interaction standards and creating engaging servers, creators can offer their fans a more direct way to interact with them and other community members. This not only increases fan engagement but also opens up a potential revenue stream for creators.

And the potential doesn’t end here. The realm of opportunities is vast, encompassing fields like college test prep, AI training, workout planning, and meal prep help. The power to create a thriving community is in your hands.

Building Passive Revenue with LaunchPass

There is massive potential for creating a passive revenue stream with LaunchPass, however building up an engaging community that people want to continue to be a part of requires some upfront work. Depending on your server’s focus, you may need to update it weekly or monthly, commit time to be active on the server, or continue creating content periodically. But once you establish a solid baseline, future updates and additions can be much less time-consuming as the community takes on a life of its own.

Despite the initial time investment, your efforts in making your server attractive, easy to navigate, and populated with valuable information and resources will result in a product that generates passive income moving forward.

Get Started with LaunchPass

If you have questions about using LaunchPass, the platform offers a comprehensive help site with solutions to common problems and excellent customer service. Also, look out for upcoming video resources designed to guide you through the initial setup process.

So, has your interest been piqued? Are you pondering what type of server to start? Remember, the sky is the limit with LaunchPass. Find your value proposition, make a plan, and create your first server today!

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