Community Spotlight: SpacemonkeyPRO

By Dan • 3 min read


Welcome to our Community Spotlight, where we showcase LaunchPass creators and entrepreneurs who are absolutely crushing it. 

We’re super pumped to be featuring SpacemonkeyPRO in today’s Community Spotlight.

SpacemonkeyPRO is a Slack trading community that helps its members become better traders with All-Day LIVE stream, expert insights, market commentary, trade alerts, and more. We caught up with them to learn about their story and path to success.

You can sign up to the community here.

What is SpacemonkeyPRO’s mission?

We’re on a mission to empower individuals to reach for the stars and achieve financial success, through:

  • Our reliable trading playbook that’s been compiled over many years
  • Comprehensive education and community resources
  • A collaborative and supportive environment

How did SpacemonkeyPRO start? What’s your origin story?

My interest in the market started during the 2008 financial crisis. I remember thinking: “WOW! If only I could take advantage of this great opportunity”. 

The reality was that I couldn’t due to limited funds. This sparked my journey in trading through crypto, forex, penny stocks, and then finally options.

How did you get started with LaunchPass?

LaunchPass was the first thing I implemented for my community and they’ve been a great technical partner. I saw similar communities to mine using it and thought it worked well and had excellent customer service. 

I don’t have the developer chops to replicate the integration they’ve managed to implement. This is a major challenge for most. LaunchPass allowed me to go from idea to community in a single weekend.

LaunchPass allowed me to go from idea to community in a single weekend
– Founder, SpacemonkeyPRO

What results have you seen since partnering with LaunchPass?

I’ve had hundreds of people sign up, and no complaints regarding the signup process or the A+ customer service provided to them.

What SpacemonkeyPRO’s customers are saying 

“Access to a gifted trader’s mind as things are unfolding in real time and his views on how the market is acting at that moment is truly a game changer.” / Irishdave, member

“SpacemonkeyPro is life changing. The wealth of knowledge and expertise available in this community is invaluable” / JSA, member

“Thank you SM, the CELH chain of trades was for me. The strategy to buy longer dated calls and roll only part of profits made this very easy to hold. No place like Space” / Theo, member

Want to learn more about SpacemonkeyPRO? 

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