Community Spotlight: Botos Trading Academy

By Dan • 3 min read

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Welcome to our Community Spotlight, where we showcase LaunchPass creators and entrepreneurs who are absolutely crushing it. 

In today’s Community Spotlight, we’re thrilled to feature Botos Trading Academy, a Discord community that helps members learn how to trade options and Forex in the stock market. Members gain access to:

  • Exclusive seminar recordings and courses.
  • A Discord community for ongoing support and insights from seasoned traders.
  • Insights into advanced trading techniques covering scalp, day, and swing trading.
  • Daily alerts, buy/sell signals, and live voice chat signals.
  • Expert guidance to increase confidence in trading decisions.
  • And more

You can sign up to the community here

What is Botos Trading Academy’s mission?

Botos Trading Academy is here to show our members the path to financial freedom through trading.

We trade options and Forex in the stock market. We are the only group to offer copy Trader!. In the BTA community, you can:

  • Follow our trail alerts and make passive income through learning how to trade options and Forex in the stock market 
  • Connect your Forex trading account to our copy Trader!

Ultimately we teach individuals how to trade markets with confidence and how to stay profitable in the long term. 

How did Botos Trading Academy start? What’s your origin story?

I got started at 18 years old when I first invested in a stock, turning $200 into $10,000. From that point on, I knew anything was possible. Although I eventually lost the $10,000 profit, I taught myself how to stay consistently profitable in the markets over the years. 

I have now grown my trading consistency to over $1.6 million in profit over the past four years. It took me 4 1/2 years to start seeing consistency, but like any job or career, long-term consistency will always outweigh quick gains. Now, at 29 years old, I can confidently say I’ve achieved financial freedom thanks to the markets.

What major challenges did you face before using LaunchPass?

Managing our growing community was becoming increasingly difficult. We had challenges handling manual administrative tasks, managing member sign-ups, and ensuring everyone had access to the right resources. The process was time-consuming, and without a centralized platform, tracking payments and managing subscriptions was very difficult.

Why did you choose LaunchPass?

We chose LaunchPass because of its robust and user-friendly platform, which promised to streamline our community management. After researching various options, we found that LaunchPass offered the most comprehensive set of features tailored to our needs. 

Also, the customer support is amazing. Their commitment to customer service and their willingness to help us grow and expand our community were significant factors in our decision. We were impressed by the success stories of other communities that had flourished using LaunchPass, and we felt confident that this platform could provide the support and tools necessary to elevate our own community. 

How has LaunchPass helped overcome your challenges?

LaunchPass has been instrumental in overcoming the challenges we previously faced. Their platform has automated many of the manual administrative tasks, freeing up our time to focus on creating valuable content and engaging with our community. 

Right now LaunchPass is setting us up with the tools we need to market effectively, and we’re looking forward to the next phase of growth for our community.

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