LaunchPass Update: Apple Pay & Google Pay, Massive Signup Page Improvements & More

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LaunchPass Update - Apple Pay & Google Pay- Massive Signup Page Improvements & More

The last few months have been a wild ride. The LaunchPass team and community continue to grow, with new groups launching daily, some earning millions of dollars per month.

Our team has been busy making a ton of improvements, adding new features, and working with our community to make LaunchPass the best membership management platform out there.

In case you missed it, here’s what’s new…

Apple Pay & Google Pay

Apple Pay & Google Pay

LaunchPass Premium users now have the ability to offer their subscribers more flexible payment options with Apple Pay and Google Pay support.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are available to all LaunchPass Premium users that are using our next-gen V2 signup pages (more on this below). You will see the Apple Pay or Google Pay option depending on your device.

Next-Gen V2 Signup Pages

Next-Gen V2 Signup Pages

Our next-gen V2 signup pages come loaded with new features and perks, including:

  • Apple Pay and Google Pay support
  • Second email confirmation field
  • 3D Secure and SCA compliance and support (important for EU customers)
  • Post-purchase thank you page with built-in activation code and instructions

Here’s how to get started with our V2 signup pages.

Massive Signup Page Improvements

Massive Signup Page Improvements

We’ve made massive updates to our signup pages, improving ease-of-use and edit page flexibility for LaunchPass users. Here are the highlights:

Connect Your Existing Community Seamlessly

  • Select an existing channel in your Discord server to set as your welcome channel
  • Select an existing role within your Discord server to assign to subscribers on signup
  • Select up to 50 existing private Slack channels to sell access to

Super Flexible Edit Page Functionality

  • Change the welcome channel members are directed to upon signing up
  • Change billing frequency and currency
  • Edit your business name, offer name, and offer URL (new fields, more on this below)

Independent Business Name, Offer Name, and Offer URL Fields

  • Add your business name and display it on your signup page. This field can be edited at any time.
  • Include your specific offer name to display on your signup page. This field can be edited at any time.
  • You can now update your signup page offer URL at any time. Updating the “Offer URL” field will automatically update your signup page URL.

You can see the full list of updates to LaunchPass signup pages here.

All of these improvements are available to LaunchPass Premium users, and we’ve got a lot of other exciting features coming just around the corner.

If you are considering launching your own paid Discord or Slack community, or you have any questions about the above updates, book a free call with the LaunchPass Experts team today!

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