LaunchPass Premium Features

The bells and whistles. Learn more about our Premium plan features

Written by Seth Lesky
3 years ago

Unlock the full community experience with LaunchPass premium. With this plan you’ll have access to all the features on our free plan, plus key features that will aid in growing your community.

Charge for Access

Get paid for the great content you produce for your community! LaunchPass premium allows you to set up a subscription model for your group.

1-on-1 Configuration Consultation

Our support team is available for 1-on-1 consults to help you configure your Slack channel or Discord server. We’ll walk you through set up and give you best practices for growing your paid community.

Unlimited 24/7 Support for You and Your Subscribers

Get unlimited support from the LaunchPass team for whatever questions you may have, 24/7.

The LaunchPass team also provides 24/7 support to your community members if they need help getting access, or have questions relating to LaunchPass.

Multi-tier Subscriptions

Develop a full-scale community with different levels of content. Set up custom tiered subscriptions granting access to some, or all premium channels and features in your group. This allows members to access a preferred amount of content, while you work to grow and upsell your best offer.

Free Trials

Offer free trials to your members as an opportunity to see what your community is about.


Create coupons for members as an incentive to join your community. Take full control over the type, amount and duration and create different coupons for unique occasions.

Flexible Pricing

Value your premium content at any fee you desire. Previous Launchpass communities have seen success charging anywhere from $7-$150. Set your fee at any amount you’d like and utilize our growth resources to start getting paid.

Custom Invite Pages

Give your community a fresh look with custom invite pages. Add videos, and customize your page with your brand colors and logo.

Embeddable Widget

Want to host your invite page on your website? No problem! Use our embeddable widget on the web page of your choosing.

Sell Access to a Specific Role (Discord)

Give your subscribers more flexibility by selling access to specific roles on your server and easily manage access to different channels.