Wealth Demystified


Not only will you be joining a community of like-minded peers focused on building wealth, but you will also get access to all of the following:

  • On-Demand Course Library - offering dozens of on-demand video content on topics such as budgeting, investing, and much more! PLUS - as an added bonus, you will receive access to all of the signature programs we offer at Finances De•mys•ti•fied such as: Crypto De•mys•ti•fied, Finances De•mys•ti•fied Bootcamp (which has helped thousands of students budget, save, and build a strong money mindset), and our newest investing course, Investing De•mys•ti•fied
  • Daily stock market updates on our new show, “Beat the Bell” every morning at 9:15am EST. on our Discord Stage! Listen in from wherever you are as our team discusses the state of the markets LIVE to prepare you for your trading day!
  • Bi-Weekly Live trading review - In this session, we will review our top three trades of the past week - we will evaluate what went well and what didn’t! All of these sessions will be held live, and recorded so that you can watch them to learn at any time, anywhere!
  • Monthly Investment Analysis Class - In this class, you will learn how to evaluate long term investment opportunities! We want you to build a robust “Buy and Hold” portfolio.
  • Guest Expert Workshops with Experts in finance! You will learn topics such as - credit, real estate, investing, crypto, money mindset, budgeting, and more!
  • Live office hours and live tech support to help you take full advantage of our signals technology,
  • Private Community chat features in Discord. Imagine having a group of friends you can talk to about money and investing daily! Our community of caring, compassionate, and committed individuals come together along with my dedicated team to support one another, share ideas, information, wins, and tools for success. It’s a space for daily tips, inspiration, and motivation, and
  • Book Club and Podcast Club, to share your favorite books and podcasts that grow your mind and expand your knowledge.

Wealth Demystified is a subscription that contains a library of courses. If you select the $297 a month payment plan, you are agreeing to a minimum of a 12 month commitment to the subscription. After the 12 months, your subscription will automatically renew, charging the card on file. If a payment does not process, your subscription will automatically be canceled. You shall have the right to cancel your subscription after 12 months.

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