The Forex Scalper

The Practicum 2.0

The Practicum

The bridge to successful learning and trading by interacting and absorbing knowledge from successful traders.

Exclusive Access to the Discord Community

Gain unique insights by joining our exclusive Discord community. During peak trading times, such as the NYSE Opening Bell at 9:30 EST / 15:30 CEST, observe the thought processes of like-minded order flow traders. Work together and explore various entry models, review case studies of successful traders, and follow the order flow.

Exclusive Files

Get access to the most exclusive and up-to-date order flow trading files from Kev & Selina, two highly experienced order flow traders. Within these files, you’ll find meticulously crafted order flow models with precise timing, pricing, and orders, ready for real-time application.

Note: A foundational knowledge of the Whale Order & Indices Order Flow Masterclass is required to fully understand and apply this knowledge. This foundation is key.

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