The Bullish TradR’s premium Discord Server is a subscription where our goal is to help traders and investors of any experience level earn, learn, and connect with likeminded individuals.

What is in included in premium:

  • Options and Stock signals
  • Options and stock alerts. Buy and sell signals with price target and risk management in mind.
  • Every night the analysts write a detailed watchlist to provide guidance.
  • You will find every possible style in here day trading, scalps, swings, spreads, and long term investing.
  • We cover every account size both large and small!
  • Live trading!
  • An expert is live trading weekly to call plays in real time as well as help members with questions and chart the tickers they request.

Education is a big focus here:

  • We offer weekend live stream tutorials that teach the psychology and charting from scratch.
  • We have channels where we analyze plays called here so members can see the thought process behind as well as the strategy.

1-on-1 tutoring and help from experts:

  • Our members can request a private 1 hour zoom session so our experts can really focus on your individual needs. Request this through an admin.

Live Daily Recaps M-F @ 8PM EST/STD TIME

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