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Join our private community for ongoing all around mental health support. This community is run by a Mirandah Phillips,BA, MSW,LSW ,who is a licensed therapist in the state of New Jersey.

This Program includes support in the following area's 24/7 with resources :

\*\*Mental Health  PostPartum  Remote Job Search  Domestic Violence Parenting Relationships\*\*

As a licensed social worker, I currently:

💡Provide clinical therapeutic sessions to

help people recognize their triggers, overcome trauma and create strategic plans for people to be the best versions of their selves.

💡Provide motivation and support to new parents and couples to help build confidence as they navigated their new journey of parent hood.

💡Conduct workshops to help people explore their goals in the workforce, how to network and land their ideal job or become an entrepreneur.

By doing this, I soon realized that my purpose was no longer to only serve a small population in this field.

Unfortunately only a small percentage of people is able to afford therapy and may never be able to get the support they need to heal and thrive.

Thus, my purpose is to help uplift and elevate anyone struggling with mental health, and specifically new moms struggling with postpartum.

In the past four years, I have helped so many people.

And I hope that I can continue to inspire and empower others to be the best version or their selves despite all obstacles.

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