Pizza Talks Travel

Annual Plan

Support the Miles to Go podcast with unlimited monthly access to the Pizza Talks Travel Slack Community.

What does $75 buy you, besides supporting the show? A full year of the following benefits:

  • Semi-monthly "happy hour" where I'll be available to answer questions live for an hour.
  • Access to our general Slack channel to ask questions. I'll answer them when time permits in between happy hours.
  • Priority access for giveaways such as upgrade certificates.
  • Quarterly live video happy hour event and priority invitations to all meetups.

You'll need a Slack account to join in the fun. You'll be prompted to sign-up if you don't already have one.

We'll bill you $75 per year until you cancel. Half of all proceeds on an annual basis will get donated to the various charities we support.

We appreciate your support of the show!

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$75.00 USD per year (automatic recurring payments)
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