Option Flys LLC


Option Flys is a group of traders looking for people who want to learn to become consistent traders. We offer,

  • Trade alerts on derivative stocks
  • Swing trade alerts
  • A variety of strategies on these, including Long Calls/Puts, Covered Call, Vertical Spreads, Iron Condor, Butterflies, Back Ratios
  • Earnings plays strategies
  • Real-time alerts on news affecting the market
  • Real-time alerts on trades
  • All day chat

Option Flys Plan,

Monthly - $99.00

Yearly - $990.00

All Sales are Final!

Slack Chatroom Channels:

# Market Chat

Main channel where all members are welcome to post and chat with each other.

# Mo Charts

Elliott wave counts and Gann analysis on multiple time frame on all major stocks & indexes.

# Signal Alerts

_Using advanced yet sophisticated tools from Optuma to give specific entry / exit signals on all time frames. _

# Performance YTD

All prior years P/L reports.

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