For £8.99 per month, you become a board member at AFC Crewe and own a part of the club.

Board members will be responsible for making major decisions at all levels of the club, as well as potentially taking up specific roles and responsibilities at the club, such as social media, video, finances, kit design, marketing, scouting etc.

Upon subscribing to NUFAN, you'll be added to our private official NUFAN Discord where we run the club together as a community. All votes, ideas and chat takes place in the board room.

IMPORTANT: When you sign up, you will be emailed a code (check your junk), that you must DM in the Discord to the LaunchPass Bot found in the member list. This will assign your role to you.

NOTE: Gold members will receive certification of their status as a board member of AFC Crewe.

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£8.99 GBP per month (automatic recurring payments)
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