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Hey you! Happy to have you here! We are glad to see you take an extra step towards your profitable and successful trading career!

Let's see what you are about to get access to when you join the hybrid trading community:

  • Video Education - Gain a clear understanding of our Hybrid trading strategy, and access a wide range of exercises on emotional discipline, trading psychology, and all skills that make you a more experienced trader. This includes backtesting, forecasting, creating a trading plan, and more!

  • E-Book - Get instant access to our comprehensive supply, demand, and pure price action trading exercises that improve your analysis skills and shape you into a more forward-thinking, and capable trader.

  • New forecasts and recaps - Every week, we churn out new content for our community members to break down trade possibilities, discuss life as a trader, and trading psychology, and bring them more value as their journey progresses!

  • Community access - Join a community of like-minded members who are on the same learning curve as you are, and get the support, accountability, and networking you need to grow in the trading space!

  • 24/7 support from a team of professionals - Whether you're having problems with the platform or need to inquire about anything trading-related, our team of professionals will be readily available to provide you with the help you need, right when you need it!

  • Personal performance coach - Trading is 90% psychology, and if you have control over your mind, you guarantee a successful trading career. Our in-house professional performance coach can guide you on your journey to develop discipline, control, and commitment, helping you proceed to more ambitious trades with confidence!

  • Premium journal and backtesting sheet - We've created completely automated premium trading journal and backtesting sheets that are easy to use, help you increase your productivity, and get the best results! All the charts and graphs you need are already in place, all you need to do is enter your data, and everything will be beautifully presented for you to make accurate trading decisions.

  • Daily market updates - Our team updates all our members on the market status 2 times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. This allows our members to improve quicker, understand price action, and compare their markups with ours to fix their mistakes!

  • Weekly market updates - Every week, our team presents a major update on all the pairs we traded using the hybrid strategy, starting from the higher time frames to the lowest. In addition to that, we provide our members with weekly backtesting exercises where we introduce the whole week's price action and compare it with their live trading entries for that week.

  • Fundamentals - By being a member of our community, you guarantee that you'll always be updated every Sunday on COT reports and high-impact news events for the upcoming week!

  • Monthly giveaway - Each month, one lucky member of our community gets a chance to do a 1:1 meeting with our team, free access to the community, and funding challenges to keep your journey exciting, rewarding, and enjoyable!

After the payment is made, you're going to gain instant access to all the content mentioned above.

Join hybrid trading fx today and let us help you invest your time, energy, and resources correctly to guarantee your long term trading growth & If you don't see any improvement in your trading after 6 months of work & dedication with a hybrid strategy, receive FREE live mentorship with our team until you do so!

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