Welcome to 'HOUSE OF BILLION' a transformative chat experience of keys to help everyday women unlock their inner brilliance. In 'HOUSE OF BILLION' we do the work TOGETHER!!!

What is the work ?

The work is the inner work of rewiring your brain for soul wealth. Winning the battle within through positive self talk and unconditional self love. Having a healing relationship with money and creating a new family legacy of health, wealth, and abundance. As well as, letting go of victim mindset and the past so you can fully walk into your purpose!

What are the expectations of each New Member?

You can expect to move past self doubt, self sabotage, and distractions and into intuitive power and feminine progress by resolving past emotional baggage and releasing inner clutter.

Being apart of the HOUSE OF BILLION social club grants you access to :

  • weekly empowerment calls
  • practical tools for shadow work
  • practical tools to manifest w/laws of the universe
  • business branding tools for entreprenuers
  • discounted access to courses, events, and retreats
  • exclusive merch !!!

This is an opportunity to introduce you to a lifestyle of eloquence and grace. Membership into the 'HOUSE OF BILLION' community is an investment of accountability, entrepreneurship.

Your higher self is waiting for you to answer the call to your unique divinity.

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