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  • GG33 Exclusive information via videos that utilizes Astrology in a practical way without all the BS to dig through and try to figure out
  • Basic Numerology content to questions in chat, that has been released as public knowledge from Gary and GG33
  • A place to discuss your knowledge and general life with people of similar interests/mindset (which we know is tough to actually find)
  • Direct access to Gary the numbers guy and the opportunity to be eligible for his much more advanced Numerology information (since this access has been removed from the public for almost a year and access is only available by direct interviews through Gary)
  • Monthly Live Spaces to interact with Gary the numbers Guy and ask questions regarding this information/general talking points Gary will speak on throughout the month regarding current events and how they correlate to what you are learning.
  • Access to the GG33 network at a fraction of the cost, exclusive future offers for anyone in the Academy

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By joining the Academy you are doing so with a genuine interest in learning and networking. We reserve the right to revoke your membership with no refund issued if you violate our community rules or sign up for the sole purpose of ruining the experience for others within the group.

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