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When we set out to create Elite Bricks, we did so with one goal in mind: to create the best consultation group the reselling community has ever experienced. Our mission is to scale your reselling business to 5-6 figures! With every link, feature, and post, we try and achieve that goal.

In the last 3 years, we have successfully scaled 7000+ members with the most comprehensive service in the INDUSTRY. You need no luck, no bots, no experience to be successful with us. We support: US, UK, EU, CA.

Below we have highlighted some of our top features:

Reselling Consulting:

  • 30-40+ profitable "Brick" links EVERY day
  • BRAND NEW Sneaker Consignment Program (Sell $50+ Over Ask)
  • Amazon FBA/FM Reselling
  • One on One mentorship and DAILY Classes
  • Amazon ungating for 100+ Brands w/ 100% Success Rate
  • Instore Information, Gameplans, and Coaching
  • Custom Backdoors + Flash Drops for Hype Sneakers
  • Global Reshipping
  • 150+ Pages of Guides
  • Release Info for every sneaker release + Stock Info
  • Instore Stock Tracker for Nike + FLX Stores GLOBALLY
  • Stock Trading And Investments
  • Lowkey Flips
  • FREE ACO (We run our bots for FREE)
  • Sneaker Investments
  • Low key Flips
  • Yard Sales
  • Custom Monitors

There are no refunds on any membership. By buying this membership you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. In case of a chargeback due to failing of cancelation on the user's part, we will not be issuing a refund. All membership sales are final. Elite Bricks holds no liability for any backdoor purchase or lack of success. You can cancel your membership anytime through LaunchPass or Messaging Discord staff.

We look forward to helping you grow on your reselling journey! Best of luck purchasing.

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