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WELCOME! Become a Founding Member of the Community Workspace, a personally crafted co-working space hosted on Discord!

✨ We're building bridges, not walls! ✨

Tailor-made with love 💖 for remote workers, professionals, grad students, visionaries, job seekers, and all who thrive in a sense of community. 🌐

Unique Virtual Amenities Our space offers corners for chit-chats while working, silent zones, and everything in-between. Connect with like-minded individuals from your field and beyond. Spark ideas for projects and join hands for collaborative initiatives. 🚀

Sit back and enjoy our fireside chats 🪵🔥 hosted on diverse topics - from managing ADHD, navigating graduate school, to exploring non-traditional career paths and more.

Proudly made by a scientist, but crafted for everyone! 🧪💡

The heart of any community lies in its support system-- our affordable monthly fee goes toward community support, and community growth. Founding Memberships are 50% off and will be available until January 1st, 2024.

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$2.00 USD per month (automatic recurring payments)
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