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Real-Time Index And Commodity Trading

Join me, Gains, as I post technical trade setups in major stock indices, commodities, and ETF's. Using tools like Elliott Waves, Fibonacci levels, and volume analysis I strive to create accurate forecasts of price movements to increase the probability of success

Here at Trading Gains, you'll join a community of traders and investors who use my work to raise their own game, the goal being to increase the probability of success. I am market-neutral in outlook, neither bull nor bear, simply trying to call the trend as I see it.

++Testimonials From Paying Subscribers++

"I have been very happy with Gains' service. I joined three months ago and since that time I have made money with his picks. Gains has a strong understanding of the market and is happy to answer any questions I have and to explain his logic. Since I have been a member of his service I have become a better, more educated trader. I would highly recommend Gains' service!” - 22 April 2024

_"I have a been a paying subscriber of _Cestrian Capital Research_ for some time now. And I have been very pleased with the services they offer. When I saw that they were starting a new addition to their services: I decided to take a shot at subscribing to it. I paid for a year's membership and in less a month that subscription has been rewarded. Gains in the service does an excellent job of answering questions, quickly in the discussion chat, and allows me to have a much greater level of confidence in the decisions I am making in using leveraged ETF's in my investment portfolio. Whether you are a starting investor, or someone with too many gray hairs from the stock market, as I am: I would tell you to give it a try. I don't think you will be disappointed." - 23 February 2024_

"Trading with Gains has given me the confidence to swing for the fences on long/short trades. Gains puts forth the effort, with a sense of humor I might add, making it far less daunting and painful, and way more fun and profitable than learning elsewhere. His communication style is outstanding. I highly recommend πŸ‘." - 13 February 2024


"Great education on market dynamics. More importantly, great lessons on position sizing and position management. Makes you a better trader and speeds the multiyear learning process." - 13 February 2024

"I recently subscribed after having a difficult and frustrating last few months in the markets. I was drawn to Gains' swing trading style as I easily got wrapped up in day-trading and options, which has caused headache after headache and resulted in large drawdowns in my account. The charts and explanations posted by Gains are very concise and informative to newer traders like me. I appreciate that his responses to any questions are quick, clear and non-judgmental - something I have not experienced on some Discords and other paid services I have tried. In the first month I have covered more than 4x the cost of the yearly subscription, needless to say I would highly recommend this subscription!" - 10 January 2024

"Trading Gains is a must if you are eager to learn! First class charting, teaching and coaching is a dream to find. If you join, go back to the start and read slowly, gems everywhere!" - 10 January 2024.


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(Note, nothing in this service constitutes investment advice of any kind. You may choose to use the information provided to assist in your own trading decisions and trading method education).


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