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"Forget LinkedIn—Your Next Job Offer Could Come via Slack" - Wall Street Journal

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Directly engage with hiring members of the best tech companies in the world (Startups, Fortune 500, FAANG) and get yourself a new job. Plus, participate in our exclusive online job fairs.

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A safe place to ask the community and leading experts for advice or request community feedback on your resume, LinkedIn profile, job offers, and more.

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Get access to our networking matchmaker to get automatic intros with similar tech industry professionals. Easily schedule time with your matches to share ideas, build and curate your personal network, or just to socialize and chat with like-minded peers.

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Get insights around the industry (news, salaries, equity, etc.), discounts on tech products and services, participate in AMAs, attend live career workshops and virtual events with recruiters, business leaders, and other tech professionals.

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