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We take safety and inclusivity seriously in this community so before you jump in, here are the key rules of engagement.

Always be supportive and helpful to others

Speak to others the way you'd like them to speak to you

Be patient with each other

Assume others' best intentions

This is a place for PeoplePeople to hangout, learn from each other, seek and share advice. Marketing or Sales-y messages should be kept in the appropriate channels. We want to hear about your cool business/blog/event - just not in the general channel.

Finally, if a member of the community makes a complaint about another member, we'll always try to contact parties directly before taking other action. But at the end of the day, we reserve the right to delete posts that contain:

Rude or offensive commentary

Nudity or graphic content

Anything that can be described as "trolling"

Anything that can be described as "spammy"

We reserve the right to ban any members who have repeatedly made posts or comments that we deem offensive, rude, or go against these guidelines.

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