DeMarzo EMC


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  • Daily 1- 2 -1 tailored feedback.
  • Live Stream Q&A.
  • Production and mixdown support.
  • Instant Access to video tutorials (100+ hours).
  • Live recording and feedback Sessions.
  • Industry Standard Samples and Plugins (see website)
  • A thriving community of like-minded producers.
  • Free Mastering for members.
  • Competitions.
  • On Mobile and Desktop.


DeMarzo, Silat Beksi, Sidney Charles, Djebali, Londonground, Jamback, Jesse Jacob, Fletch, Strippd, Strippd, M-High, Ruze, Timmy P, Charlie Banks, Niksu, Konov, Aron Volta, Matpri, Leon The Lover.

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