Team BoNY

BoNY Diaspora is a Slack community of people created to build a platform for Bengali students and professionals as a means to network with and empower current and future generations of Bengalis. By joining the BoNY Slack page you get access to:

  • Networking - Find connections within the community to broaden your academic and professional networks
  • Knowledge sharing - Access to a shared knowledge base with like-minded individuals
  • Market research - Bounce ideas off of each other to gain diverse perspectives and grow your personal brand
  • Personal development - Gain access to new ideas to broaden your skillset
  • Mentoring - Give and receive support from the community

Overall, joining the BoNY Slack page allows our community to achieve success and give back to the next generation of Bengalis with the influence of people who look like us. Join our community today and be part of the conversation to empower each other!

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