Accounting Allies

Accounting Allies

We’ve launched a new premium publication and community built for CPAs, and we want you to join.

Hey Accountants and aspiring accountants, what’s going on?

Casey, Matt, and Dom here.

We all spent years grinding through the busy season and studying relentlessly for the CFE (and modules). It’s tough. And then when you get to the other side you expect the seas to part. But we ain’t Moses.

Basically, we thought discovering our career path, earning a high income, and being surrounded by like-minded individuals was a given. Wrong.

And that my friends is why we’re launching ++Accounting Allies++.

The goal of Accounting Allies is simple: To grow your career with like-minded people and learn from those who have already paved the way.

Who’s this for?

  • The person who… isn’t sure which direction to take their career. Is audit for me??
  • The person who… wants to make partner. What’s the path like??
  • The person who… is questioning it all. I'm thinking of switching to industry, should I??
  • The person who… wants to break-free and leap into entrepreneurship. How??

Ok. Cool, so how does Accounting Allies work?

We have a private community of CPAs and finance professionals who range from just starting their career, to creating their own firm, to making partner. This field of experts discusses successes, failures, and everything in between.

We’re here to help one another grow. It’s simple.

The Result?

Access to interviews with some of the top people in the industry. Learning materials and other useful resources to enhance your career. And a community of friends you haven’t met yet.

Do I get a special discount for being early?

Yes. You do. As the community grows, so will the price point. Small communities are easy to manage and allow you to get lots of face time with the creators. Larger communities take more active management, and demand a higher price point. But the good news is, once you're in, your price point is locked. We're even setting a 50% discount code for our first 50 paid members ($2.49 instead of $4.99 monthly). Just use code First50

Invest in yourself… See ya on the other side.

Allied Accountants.

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CA$4.99 CAD per month (automatic recurring payments)
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